To draw more depth into my illustrations I have been looking at a lot of 19th century artists such as Arthur Rackam, Richard Dadd and many others. Some of these artists not only painted fairies but specialised in the art of fairy painting. They were obsessed with capturing fairies in the most realistic manner possible drawing inspiration form fairy literature such as Shakespeare  Midsummer nights dream.

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The detail on the painting above is amazing. I’d love to take some reference from how they draw their wings and also the fact that the fairies wear flowers in their hair.

11082015111951-0001 copy

11082015111719-0001 copy

I love the line work with watercolours of this painting. could possibly bring in the same style with a slightly more vibrant colour palette.

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I love the way the fairies glow in this painting.

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The detail in this painting is beautiful, it would be really good to add the use of animals into my paintings to show the different creatures in the garden.

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Underlined in the page above: Village tradition, wrote Thomas Hardy, ‘a vast amount of unwritten folklore, local chronicle, local topography and nomenclature, is absolutely sinking, has nearly sunk, into eternal oblivion.

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I love the wand that the fairy above is holding. Im not sure is I want my fairies to have wands but it is something to think about it.

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I like the wind and dust coming off the fairies as they fly. Shows good movement.

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Fairies almost become lights fading into the background.

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I love this detailed style o painting and would love to bring a version of this style into my paintings. It brings a softness to the paintings.

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Beautiful line work and racial features.

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I love this colour palette and again the style it has been painted it, no harsh lines.

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Would love to take reference from the wings above. They look very delicate like the skeleton of a leaf. Drawing inspiration from nature will be key.

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Love every thing about this painting! the colour palette is very similar the one I would want and the way the fairies are drawn into the nature is fantastic.

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Beautifully drawn bodies. I would quiet like my fairies to be naked but I will need to still be suitable for young children.

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